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Three of a kind

It was the day of the Yard Sale Day in August. I hosted my own Yard Sale, non stop customers all day and I was tired.

After 5 hours, there were fewer items so I was tidying up. One of my actual neighbours, Doug, saw that I was doing it myself and came over to see how I was doing, and offered to help me lift the table and remainder items all under the tree because the sun was hot. It was just what I needed at that moment. Then another neighbour Yo came over to chat and asked me if I would like some granola bars for a snack, and ate one with me on the driveway. Another act of kindness very much appreciated.

Finally, it was also the Bread and Batteries drop off at Earl Haig. That's where Neighbour #3 came in (these were all from different households) and I think I said to him that I was going to walk down to drop off my batteries, and asked if he have any I could take for him in my bundle buggy. I was so surprised when he said, "oh , could I take yours down myself? I can do that. I'll take them all in my car right now! " I pointed out my battery box and he walked over to it, picked it up and walked away with it. I couldn't believe it. Three random acts of kindness in a row, and all just what I needed at those moments! Oh and I was able to re-home all my yard sale stuff. It was a good day! Thank you Willowdale!

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