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Seniors Month

Our Friends at the North York Seniors Centre provided us with a list of Acts of Kindness you can do for senior neighbours this month:

  1. Send older relatives a card just to let them know you’re thinking about them.

  2. Pay a visit to an older friend who lives alone, in a retirement community or in the hospital.

  3. Surprise an elderly neighbour with a home-cooked or baked item.

  4. Offer to do grocery shopping for an older friend or neighbour.

  5. Take an older person’s dog for a walk or offer to clean the litter box.

  6. Download Big Band music to a CD, make copies and give them to older neighbours.

  7. Take your laptop or iPad when you visit a senior. Use the technology to reference items from his or her past that come up in conversation.

  8. Give a dog a bone. Leave a bag of higher quality pet food or treats outside the door of an elderly pet owner.

  9. Surprise a neighbour by planting flowers to brighten his or her day and summer.

  10. Wash an older person’s car, just because.

  11. Offer to check and install new batteries in an older neighbour’s smoke alarms. While there, maybe change some light bulbs too.

  12. If you love to scrapbook, offer to arrange a senior’s photos into an album to help make perusing photographs more enjoyable.

  13. Find out if you share an interest with an elderly neighbour. If you both like to read, read the same book and discuss it. Or if you share a love for cooking, make a meal together or dine at a favourite restaurant.

  14. Volunteer to take an older person who no longer drives to church/ synagogue/ Mesquita, etc.

  15. If you’re tech-savvy, spend time with a senior to show him or her how to use a computer— either his or her own or at a public computer lab. Demonstrate how to surf the web or send an email.

  16. Spend an afternoon talking with an older person and listening to his or her music.

  17. Take a neighbour’s trash to the curb or take the newspaper to his or her door.

  18. Read the newspaper—even over the telephone—to a senior with poor eyesight.

  19. Set up a bird feeder outside an older person’s window at his or her home or retirement community. Stop by often to refill.

  20. Invite your senior neighbour over for a cup of tea, a holiday meal or summer cook-out.

  21. Offer a little help around the house by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors. Or, help make a bed with fresh linens or fold laundry.

  22. Pop up popcorn and spend the afternoon watching classic movies with an older adult.

  23. If you like to cook, offer to make a senior’s favourite dish or cookie. Exchange your “secret” recipes.

  24. Ask an older adult to share thoughts and ideas about the world around you.

  25. Make up a basket of fragrant soaps, hand creams and bath salts for an older woman. Every woman, at any age, loves to feel beautiful.

  26. Ask older relatives or neighbours to share their life stories. Offer to record the memories on video or tape to preserve for other family members.

  27. Seek advice from a senior. They have a lot of wisdom and experiences to impart.

The NYSC has three events in June that you can attend. Learn more HERE

  • Open House on Open House on June 15th, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, folks who join a tour between 10:00am-1:00pm, can enjoy a free coffee and baked good from our Café!

  • Pride Bingo: Monday , June 20th from 1:00-2:00 pm/ OVER ZOOM

  • World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Wednesday, June 29, from 12 pm to 2 pm. At the Active Living Centre.

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