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Willowdale Kindness Movement

As 2021 came to a close it felt like anxiety, frustration and anger were at an all time high. Our team at NeighbourLink North York began to brainstorm ways we could shift the culture and climate towards kindness. We were inspired by the country of Singapore where the government funds a kindness movement. We also saw other cities in Ontario promote kindness in their communities and so we set out to create our own movement right here in Willowdale! 

We created this "Kindness Portal" as a place for all things kindness in our neighbourhood! From kindness pledges, contests, opportunities to share and read stories of kindness, resources for teachers and a "Tag - You're It" Kindness Card!

We Love Willowdale

We Love WIllowdale started as a grass roots organization made up of neighbours who came together after the Yonge St. Tragedy in 2018. In 2020 they started the Willowdale COVID Response network. That Fall, We Love Willowdale was folded into the non-profit charity NeighbourLink North York and serves as the event banner.

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