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Willowdale Kindness Movement

Do you have a story about a kind teacher in your life? Share it in our Kindness Blog!

Our Willowdale Kindness Movement continues throughout the rest of 2022! This back to school season we encourage students and families to do acts of Kindness for teachers and school staff!

See some ideas below!

  1. Take a basket of goodies to the teacher's lounge

  2. Nominate your favourite teacher for an award

  3. Re-stock staff restroom with nice soaps

  4. Get to know them

  5. Offer your help

  6. Donate to their classroom library

  7. Donate transportation cards (i.e. Lyft or Uber)

  8. Ask for their Amazon wish list (they have one!)

  9. Tell the principal they did a great job... A+

  10. Write a thank-you note to your favourite teacher

  11. Don't forget the non-teaching staff!

  12. Say thank you! It means more than you think!

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