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150 Kindness hearts

It all started with my gesture to mobilize the community to create 3,600 thank you cards for the entire staff at North York General hospital and that WLW wanted to engage schools.

I drafted a kindness heart and asked Sebastian Biasucci, Marketing & Events Manager to create a digital version that teachers could print out and have students make. I had contacted many school for hospital initiative so I offered to distribute the idea. Two super engaged, kind and loving high schools, Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and Marshall McLuhan jumped on board. It should be noted that they each contributed 1,079 and 351 thank you cards respectively, for North York General with two CCAA students making over 100 cards each!

Well here we are today with 150 hearts and pledges for #kindness. So #proudtobeparttoftheCatholiccommunity

Check out all 150 hearts here

With Gratitude,

Community Member

Michelle Oliveira

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