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Tag! You're It Cards 
As a way to help spread kindness in the community we'll be launching our Willowdale Kindness Movement "Tag! You're It Cards" on February 17th which is Random Acts of Kindness Day 

You may see the card below at your favourite local business, community spot or your may receive one from a friend or neighbour! 
1. When you receive the card, Do an Act of Kindness!
2. Once you've done the act of kindness sign a heart on the back
3. Pass the card on to a friend, stranger or even the recipient of your act of kindness

As a bonus! Share your kindness story by filling out the form here

We are starting by printing 2000 of these cards to create a ripple of kindness. If all our cards get signed and distributed - it could result in 24,000 acts of kindness!

We'd love your feedback! Any ideas of where we can distribute? Would you want to help with distribution? Would you like to host these cards at your business, school or place of worship?  Get in touch with us at
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