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are you interested in being part of the toronto little free pantries program?




Like the mini-library where neighbours nourish each other’s love of reading, the mini-pantry movement is aimed at supporting each other’s dining table through these challenging times of Covid-19. Neighbours in our community are converting their little free libraries into mini pantries or building new ones. The idea is for the surrounding community to help keep these pantries stocked to support those who are dealing with food insecurity, the motto being: Give What You Can, Take What You Need.


As of early May, we now have four mini pantries in our neighbourhood, whose locations can be found here:  as well as 3 more on the way.  We are hoping more people will come forward and be willing to build or sponsor one.


If you live in the Willowdale neighbourhood and are interested, please contact us by email at or call us at 647 847 6164. You can also find out more about our Willowdale mini-pantry project at MINI LIBRARY/FOOD PANTRIES | We Love Willowdale



Check out our map to know where you can find the Little Free Pantries in Willowdale

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