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Local Willowdale Restaurants

Open for take-out with no delivery

Shwarma Plus - take out 11am-11pm

Ichiban Sushi House - take out 12pm-9pm

Ahzimae ZipBap - 11:30-8:30 take out

Friendly House Restaurant - 7am-8pm

Chicken in the Kitchen - noon-10:45pm


Open for take-out with own delivery in North York

Hanyang Jokbal - 12pm-12am - delivery in North York


Open for take-out with delivery through a third party

BKK - take out 11:30am-10:30pm - delivery through Ubereats/Skip the Dishes

Laterna - take out noon-8pm (mon-fri) , 4pm-8pm (weekends) - delivery through Doordash

Zaffron Persian Food - take out - 11:30am-10pm - delivery through Ubereats/Skip the Dishes

Katusya - 11am-10pm take out - delivery through Ubereats

The Fry - 3pm-1:30am take-out - delivery through Ubereats

Jung Soo Nae Restaurant 11:30-9:00 - delivery through Ubereats

Burrito Place - 11am-midnight - delivery through Ubereats

Chatime - noon-midnight - delivery through Ubereats

Menami - noon-9pm - delivery through Ubereats

Sansotei Ramen - 11:30am-9:45pm - delivery through Ubereats  

Coco Fresh Tea - noon-midnight - delivery through Ubereats


There are many more options available through these websites/apps:

Ubereats - www.Ubereats.com

Skip The Dishes - https://www.skipthedishes.com/

Foodora - https://www.foodora.ca/

Fantuan (Asian Food Delivery) - http://www.fantuan.ca/

Other Asian Food Delivery Apps - https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2020/01/chinese-food-delivery-app-toronto/