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Condos/ApTs Support

Condominiums and apartments are unique in their requirements for resident support during a pandemic such as the one we are going through. Garbage and recycling, laundry facilities (for apartments), mail collection and other tasks turn challenging, especially if someone is in isolation, immune-compromised or feeling unwell. Most condos and apartments, in a bid to enforce social distancing, have restricted visitors to the front entrance and grocery, medication and deliveries have to be left with the concierge or at the lobby.

For condo and apartment dwellers needing help, WeLoveWillowdale is trying to muster volunteers in individual buildings and match them with resident requests. Effectively, this will ensure aid is available at doorsteps and not the main entrance. More requests can also be fulfilled with this initiative than previously possible, e.g. help with carrying garbage down to the garbage chute, mail collection, pickups from the lobby and conveyance to suites, certain laundry facilities, etc. 


If you would like to volunteer for your apartment or condominium or live in one and need special help, please register on our website and we will try to match you with those who may be able to offer/need assistance. 

Workflow in Codominiums

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